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How to initiate your man and have deeper sexual experiences

2-day tantra workshop for the empowered woman who loves to take her sexuality to the next level.

Amsterdam September 3&4


This 2-day workshop is for the empowered woman who would love to be met more deeply sexually.

You have done a good amount of your own inner work. The personal development, the initial sexual healing.. and you have this beautiful desire to go deeper into sex with a lover/partner/date....
but you don't know HOW. 

Maybe your current partner isn't so much into the magic of sexual tantra, or perhaps you have this feeling that there are not enough conscious & tantric men around to meet you in your sexuality & you find yourself "waiting" for the right man to show up...

A tantric woman doesn't wait, she initiates.

In this 2-day workshop, you learn the art to initiate men so you can have lovemaking exactly the way you want it. 

You’ll learn what it takes to move from
“uhhh I don’t know if our sex is going to work" to….  
"OMG our lovemaking is AMAZING!”

This is for you if you want to feel even more confident in the bedroom and have the power in your own hands (and Yoni!) to take your sexual experiences deeper with ANY man. By the end of this workshop you'll know how to initiate a man, without being the teacher in bed.


When it comes to expanding on your sexual experiences, this is what you'll learn:

How to initiate deeper sex
the feminine way

Learn how to introduce different aspects of tantric lovemaking that will actually get him excited (and not kill the mood).

This includes how to move from more conventional sex to amazing lovemaking, even if your man hasn't done ANY tantra/sacred sex before. 

Increase your own sexual energy & empowerment

Learn what it takes to increase your capacity to hold more sexual energy & pleasure in your own body.

You'll be the catalyst for incredible experiences without depending on "how experienced" he is.

How to motivate, guide & support him

A tantric woman knows exactly what to do to support her man in the bedroom. From ejaculation control, to guiding energy, to making the sex feel natural and easy, without intimidating him. By the end of this workshop you'll know how!

Hi, I am Arja,

And it's my job to show you how to drop deep into your body, feel empowered in your sexuality and feel free to express yourself so that you can enjoy deep, enjoyable, incredible, amazing, electric, extraordinary and mind-blowing lovemaking.

The moment I dropped all my shame and insecurities around sex and being sexual I found such a freedom in my expression as a woman, but I noticed most men started to be intimidated by me. 

I discovered a completely new way to making love, and I wanted to have these deep magical experiences but the men around me couldn't meet me there. Even tho I felt sexually empowered, I also felt sexually unfulfilled. 

When I learned how I could initiate men, everything changed. 
I took full responsibility of my own sexual experiences and didn't wait around for the right men to show up, I showed up for myself. 

I learned a way to initiate men that was so empowering for both. That didn't make me feel like a teacher in bed and that often turned into comments like "this was the best sex I ever had!".

Now, years later, I have initiated so many men, and it's time for me to pass this gift on to other women, so you can have the lovemaking exactly as you want it, even if he is completely new to this world of sexual magic & mystery.