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The Initiatress Retreat 

save your seat for goa, february 2024

Imagine a temple where women unite to learn the sexual arts to initiate men.You'll be initiated into secret practices that don't only make you feel more confident & powerful in your sexuality,

It will make your lovemaking more precious, mindblowing, and profound.

PLUS, one of the beautiful things is that HIS reaction will absolutely amaze you.

"This is the best sex I ever had"

"Nobody has ever done this with me"

"I feel so grateful for you"

These are the comments your man will say to you after your lovemaking.

You are invited to become an Initiatress in the sacred lands of India.

In this 7-day retreat, you'll learn practical tips on what to DO differently in the bedroom. This journey will be transformational & educational at the same time.

The belief that there is a lack of men or that your partner can never truly meet you is not true. You just need the tools to have incredible lovemaking; that's what you'll learn in this retreat Being an initiatress is ALL about being embodied, so expect to switch up the educational pieces with exercises to drop in your body, you get to play, learn and experiment with the other sisters in the room.  

After all, women would learn from women and only then bring the sacred arts to their men.


What you will walk away with...

Expect to gain many insights, laughs, and discussions and have ALL your questions answered to feel more confident, empowered, and skilled in the bedroom.

Walk away with practical tools, tips and techniques that you can take home to properly inivite our parnter (or future partner) to meet you deeper in the bedroom). 

Learn how to actually get out of your head and into your body. Discover how to enhance your libido and be come the most magnetic, juicy, alive and radiant version of yourself!

By the end of this retreat you will be dripping in glorious orgasmic energy that will leave you feeling high on your own goddess supply AND you'll have so much more to take back to him. This retreat & tantra training will serve as a container to play in, learn in, make mistakes, get messy & feel things you didn't know you were capable of feeling.

Each day starts with a morning ritual & initiation. After brunch, you'll receive tantrik teachings (theory & education) followed by feminine embodiment practices.In the afternoons & evenings, there can be excursions, tantra yoga & meditation, dance, advancing in the learned practices & tantrik rituals.*

PLUS, there will be many surprise elements that will make your head spin around, your eyes pop out, and your heart pound ;).


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