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How to Super-Charge
your Lovemaking

Ready to expand pleasure into different realms?

Learn how you can supercharge your lovemaking and deepen your sexual empowerment.This 3 hour mastermind is your next step!



You totally believe that the relationship with your own body & fulfilling sexual life is at the core of having a healthy, happy & abundant life;

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

This Mastermind is an EPIC opportunity to sit and learn with me from the comfort of your home.

You are invited for this exclusive online tantrik mastermind where you’ll deepen into your tantrik practices on Supercharging Your Lovemaking with me. 

It is an honor to initiate you into these powerful practices that very few people know of, you can be one of them

We are going deep, and it’s a total vibe,

Are you part of it?

Yes, Arja, I want to be part of this!

This masterclass is for humans coming together for the same thing:

Raising our level of sexual consciousness.

Here's exactly what you'll get:

Just imagine, improving the quality of your life by learning about incredible sexual practices that you can do in your own bedroom, with yourself or a beloved.

You’ll be getting access to incredible knowledge that holds the secret ingredient to a happy, passionate, mind-blowing and extraordinary life & relationships.

Something that improves your overall happiness in life, your health, your well-being and how good you feel every single day you wake up. There is ancient knowledge being re-discovered and transmitted from teacher to student that brings you unforgettable experiences in the bedroom.

It gives exquisite experiences that drives both men & women wild, gives full body sensations (yes - BIG full-body O's) and ends up making your intimate life outrageously awesome in a way your entire health, body & well-being benefits!

Plus, you’ll be guided to drop into your body, as we’ll go through embodiment practices together so you get to feel all this energy in your body yourself.

You are the living proof of what is possible,
it’s all within your body,
let me guide you on how to access it!

I am in! Sign me up!

If you want to go even deeper - to elevate lovemaking, refine lovemaking and expand into lovemaking, I have something special for you...


Non-Linear Lovemaking

($111 value)

Let's forever shift the way you relate to sex, sexuality, intimacy & relationships.

What you'll learn in this premium masterclass is GOLD.

I usually only teach this inside my longer training & multiple day workshops and retreats.But I decided to take this masterpiece of content and teach you what you need to know to get started with tantric lovemaking.

Dirty-Talk Course

($222 value)

I am using dirty talk as a way to connect more deeply in bed,to spice things up, or slow them down, and it makes the entire experience more juicy, playful, intimate, connecting and fun! 

This course will teach you how & improve the quality of your sex!

Dirty talk is an art to express yourself erotically. And it makes your sex life so much more juicy!

Tantrik Massage Skills

 ($649 value)

Learn tantric massage skills to feel more confident in bed,give and receive more pleasure,and create deeper intimacy with your partner. 

"This is the best sex I ever had"

If there is one practice that instantly improves your intimacy, connection and the amount of pleasure you can give to your partner, it is tantric massage.


My brand new Masterclass on how to master & direct energy in the bedroom for incredible lovemaking (Value $150)

You'll get $1000 worth of valuable teachings plus a 3H mastermind with me!

And if this isn’t enough, if you sign up for one of my upcoming retreats, you’ll get this tantrik immersion completely FREE.

Yep, your $888 investment will serve as a credit towards the
in-person retreat, is that worth flying to Bali for?

I bet it is!

The practical details:

How to Super-Charge your Lovemaking

You’ll dive deep with me for a 3h immersion where you continue to go deeper on the material you already received. 

That is how much I am committed to
the quality of your sexual life.

If you decide to go ALL IN today with the BUNDLE - you'll get direct access to my most-loved 3 pre-trainings included with this Mastermind. Watch these in your own time, from the comfort of your home as a preparation for our virtual mastermind.

If you are like Arja, I want this. I am a BIG YES and I am happy to pay you straight away to get my hand on this incredible knowledge...

Click here to supercharge!

"Let me show you another way
of making love that brings
deeper connection, more pleasure
& elevated states of ecstatic love"

I loved learning with Arja! I went to practice the next day and feel so empowered!

Thank you for your fantastic and inspiring Masterclass! I enjoyed listening to you so much and went to practice the next day :-)

 It was so much fun and, a feeling of empowerment and relaxation at the same time, knowing that my man would just exactly do what I tell him to and he loved it!

My partner said afterwards that he loved being guided over and into my body.

Mmmhhh! Thank you, Jana Doss

Completely changed my sexuality!

"After doing multiple courses & trainings with Arja I learned so much about my sexuality, feel so much more confident in my body and now have SO many tools to connect with my own sensuality and especially with the pleasure inside of myself which completely changed my sexuality!"

How to super-charge your lovemaking

All Included Teachings: 
Non Linear Lovemaking [value $111],
Dirty Talk Course [value $222],
Tantrik Massage Skills [value $649]) 
plus a 3H virtual mastermind with me [value $222]

Total Value: $1200 now:

Full Bundle: $888


Or the 3H virtual masterclass: 
Supercharging Your Lovemaking for only:

Masterclass Only: $108













How to super-charge your lovemaking

All Included Teachings: 
Non Linear Lovemaking [value $111],
Dirty Talk Course [value $222],
Tantrik Massage Skills [value $649]) 
plus a 3H virtual mastermind with me [value $222]

Total Value: $1200 now:

Bundle: $888


Or take just the 3H virtual masterclass 
for only:

Masterclass only: $108