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Calling all women who are ready to dive deeper into the mystique of Tantra, seeking a profound connection with their sensuality & inner self.

Tantra Retreat in Bali for Women. 
May 28th - June 2nd 2024, Bali


Are you a passionate woman who's tasted the magic of tantra?
This is your opportunity to venture deeper & join Arja Hendrikx - Renowned International Tantra Teacher & Sexuality Expert, for an immersive heart-centered tantra training in Bali!

Imagine a secret temple on a precious island, where women unite for 6 days to learn the deeper secrets of tantrik sexuality

You'll be initiated into sacred practices that don't only make you feel more confident & powerful in your sexuality, it will make your lovemaking more precious, mind blowing, and profound.

In this temple, your erotic expression is celebrated as a form of art.

You'll be luxuriating in your divinity and flirting with the Goddess herself.

This retreat is to empower you in your sexuality, one prayer, one blessing, one worship, and one ritual at a time.

I received so many transmissions from Arja!

"I really love how Arja teaches and embodies her teachings. It's the first time I was able to receive so many transmissions and feel it in my own body. The team was amazing and it was such a safe container for me to embark on this journey."

What Arja teaches us
you can't get anywhere else!

"I have been with Arja sice over 5 years and very time when there is a new workshop or a new retreat I learn something new. What makes her teachings so special and unique is that what she is transmitting to us - you can't get anywhere else! She is traveling to all these sacred places and temples, studies all around the world and then shares her wisdom with us in her own way."

Think of this retreat like a secret initiation that tantric apprentices received in sacred temples to become the most desired, admired and respected tantric women of the world.

Watch the video below and find out if the Temptress is for you.

If you love to be in spaces where you can celebrate your sexuality or are curious to step into such a place, this retreat is for you.


I am Arja

When people first meet me nowadays, they believe I have always been super sexual and in touch with my own pleasure. 

But they couldn't be more wrong.

In fact, I used to feel very ashamed
in my own body.

I rarely felt orgasmic and I thought that feeling sore after sex was normal. When I discovered Sexual Tantra,

I found out how wrong I was!

I discovered there is a completely different approach to sex as I knew it.

Learning this new way of making love I started to be orgasmic, enjoy hours of lovemaking and learned how to express myself sexually, exactly the way I wanted

Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of men & women to radically transform their sex lives, have the intimate relationships of their dreams. and get in touch with their own sexuality so that they feel powerful both in and out of the bedroom

And now it's your turn.


Incredible teachings and beautiful sisterhood!

"The beautiful connections you're making during the retreat with other women truly feels like a sisterhood. I feel I have so much knowledge now I got from Arja and for the transmissions I feel so grateful!"

I am in awe what Arja is able to unlock in all of us.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity that Arja is able to unlock this inner goddess in all of us. I would recommend this for anyone, to say YES yo yourself, and Arja will be holding a very safe container to explore yourself in a unique way."

Become part of a secret oral tradition...

Through a secret oral tradition, the knowledge of tantra, sexuality and spiritual transformation was passed down for generations, as women initiated other women. 

They learned the sacred rituals and initiations and became gatekeepers of one of the most powerful forms of art, the erotic art.

Unfortunately, our culture has shamed those erotic arts away.

Instead of treating women like temptresses, women feel judged and guilty about the energy that is supposed to radiate so strongly from them….

the sexual energy.

The thing is, a woman with the secrets to her sexuality is a woman in her power.

The temptresses of the previous ages knew that, and now is the time that these ancient arts are being rediscovered, and you can be part of that!

I invite you to join me in Bali and explore your inner Temptress.

Awaken your feminine sexual power
and confidence.

Discover the tools to unlock all types of lovemaking, from slow and intimate, to wild and animalistic, from passionate and fiery and to sensual and romantic, for an effortless embodiment of your sensual nature and total freedom in your sexual expression

Connect deeply to the devotional woman in you.

Learn the devotional and feminine tantric practices and rituals to open your spiritual heart and deepen the connection with yourself as a woman and your ability to surrender, with profound trust in your own inner guidance and power within

Expand your capacity for pleasure and joy in everyday life.

Liberate your "yes" to all your desires, known and unknown, deeply yearned for or spontaneously developed, with an unshakeable sense of safety and comfort in your sexually that you'll feel unconditionally accepted by the entire universe

OMG – register me now please!

I feel truly empowered!

"Being around so many empowered women helped me really to step into my own power and I feel so much confidence now. I would tell any of my friends to sign up, this is such a gift for yourself as a women to join the retreat.Thank you Arja!"

I can't wait to bring all of it to the bedroom!

"Arja is such a powerful woman and holds so much magical energy around her, so joining the retreat was just a big YES inside of me. I feel very deeply anchored in my body now, I feel so vibrant and full of the sensual energy. The time in the temple space with the other women is just so empowering. The way that Arja teaches is so easy and applicable, she is always connecting back and I honestly can not wait to bring all I have learned into the bedroom."

I wish every woman can meet Arja. She is so special.

"I feel so inspired and I have four children and hope to inspire other mothers too. I really feel this abundance in me and go back to my family and be an empowered woman. I want to be an embodyment of Arja's teachings I have received. The retreat is juicy, alive, and it's all about experiencing and living each practice in a safe container. I never experienced anything like that!"

When you become a Temptress you'll walk away with...

So what can you expect if you spend time learning about feminine arts, powerful tantrik teachings?

This 6-day retreat is designed to guide you through a transformational journey while also receiving the proper education & tantrik training to mature in your sexual journey.

You'll be joining a sacred meeting with other women who all come here for the same thing; to deeply enjoy their own eroticism, to feel intimately connected to your own body, and to root yourself in the sacredness of your sexuality.

This retreat & tantra training will serve as a container to play in, learn in, make mistakes, get messy & feel things you didn't know you were capable of feeling.Each day starts with a morning ritual & initiation.

You'll receive tantrik teachings (theory & education) followed by feminine embodiment practices.

In the afternoons & evenings, there can be excursions, guest teachers, tantra yoga & meditation, dance, advancing in the learned practices & tantrik rituals. 

You will learn all about:

Sexual Archetypes
How to tap into sexual archetypical experiences. You'll learn what it takes to let your sexual impulses take over so you can embody all physical & energetic signatures of tantric sexuality.  

Sacred Geography of Your Body and how to use your feminine power to access deeper layers of your psyche so you can embody your femininity in a mature, erotic and deeply respected way.

Powerful Tantric Practices
such as: energy transmissions, in depth transfiguration practices, embodied transmissions, yantra, mantra & mudra practices
PLUS traditional tantric rituals. 

Sexuality of The Chakras.
The chakra system is the back-bone of Tantra & by the end of this training you'll understand the deep wisdom it holds & how to use it for sexual practices.

Archetype Embodiment

Deeply understand & embody the level of consciousness of each Archetype through powerful tantric practices, each week you'll get practices to fully embody 1 archetype so you become the living goddess of it. 

Master & Amplify Sexual Energy

Learn how to amplify energy and transmit this from within. External expression is one thing, but the internal mastery of your eroticism is another. You'll learn how to do this for each sexual Archetype so your sexual power expands beyond measure!

Self-Source and Channel
How to self-source and channel your sexual energy in the way you desire, even in public. You’ll have a fun secret weapon for your own power & creativity that you can transmit in a mature way.

Merge Sexuality & Spirituality 
Let the sacredness of your own sensuality bring you back home to your heart. It is the sacredness of these practices that ultimately deepens your life, opens your heart and expands your consciousness.

OMG – register me now please!

I connected mySexuality with my Spirituality!

"Arja not only embodies her teachings but also transmits them into such an easy and practical way to understand that I am able to take them into my day-to-day life. For the rest of the year I will apply all the teachings and integrate them"

I feel the effects in my relationship & business!

"I love the way Arja brings her knowledge and wisdom because it's in such an easy way. I can feel the ripple of the retreat already in all other areas of my life, my business and my relationship. It gave me so much joy and juiciness in my life!

+ You will also get this bonus right after sign up +

Value: $222

3-Day Training on the Feminine Sexual Archetypes

Get access to this course right after sign up and start before we meet in November! This training is the perfect preparation for our deep dive into the Temptress. It will get the entire group on the same page before we even start so we cna dive deep right when we meet. 

PLUS: At the end of the retreat you'll receive
your graduation certificate!

May 28th- June 02nd 2024

The Temptress Training will take place in Bali.

The Temple Venue:

Settled among the jungle of Bali, this venue has breath-taking views all around. 
As you'll walk through the doors of this gigantic mansion you'll feel like a Queen entering her sacred land.
You'' feel the the power of this blessed land as you witness the locals make their offerings to the Gods, every single day. 
Breathing in the balinese air you feel how your consciousness shifts. You are entering a sacred sanctuary, a place where sexuality is honoured, celebrated and deeply enjoyed as a form of art. 

As soon as you arrive you’ll feel like you’ve found a true oasis that only YOU know about…

*Please note this is a non-residential retreat.
The venue is located about 25min outside Ubud centre (near Tegenungan Waterfall).
Please send a message to [email protected] to inquire about recommendations to stay close by.

Daily Schedule

Day 1:    
5PM - 9:30 PM
Opening Ritual & Retreat Initiation    

Day 2-3-4-5
09:30 AM - 6PM*
Morning teaching & invocation

-Vegetarian Lunch Time -

Afternoon Embodiment & Practice 

*Optional Evening Activities & Homework
will be suggested to go out with your sisters & integrate the teachings. 

Day 6:
9 AM - 1PM 
Integration & Closing Ceremony

Optional: There will be Temple held in the evening (6-11PM) to practice all your learned. 

*Please note that times are subject to change.
Please don't plan any fixed external activities during the period of the training as a flexibility of schedule is required to adopt & adjust to the group and give you the highest quality of training. 

Glimpses from the previous Temptress Retreat

Become the Temptress yourself

Ready to expand your tantra horizons?
If you're a dynamic woman with existing experience in tantra and a burning desire to ascend to a deeper embodiment, self-confidence and sexual empowerment, then join a group of powerful women for this heart-centered training in Bali!

Temptress Retreat

First 10 sign ups: SOLD-OUT 

Next Tickets 11-20: €1569 

Last Tickets 21-30: €1626


  • - 6 days of precious tantrik teachings filled with sexual secrets, magical practices and feminine rituals.
  • - Live transmissions from Arja Hendrikx and her incredible team of experienced assistants to support you every step of the away!
  • - Certification after completion so you can join advanced training. 
  • - 1 opening dinner & 4 delicious vegetarian lunches to feed your beautiful body.
  • - Bonus: online pre-training of the feminine sexual archetypes.
    (value $222!)

Not Included:
Accommodation, extra meals other than the ones listed, travel & health insurance & transport to the venue.


Payment plans available upon request, email [email protected]


The Temptress Retreat was Amazing!

“I have been exploring sacred sexuality and Tantra since over 5 years but there have been still so many things I was able to learn. I feel so open and connected to myself and my heart. I feel nurtured by the sisterhood, and I really admire Arja. Her way of teaching is so devotional and transformational.”

The Temptress is so Empowering!

"I think people underestimate what stepping into your sexual power really means for all other areas of your life, the joy, the power and the aliveness. I believe if all women would join such empowering trainings like the one we just did, it would actually change the world! I can highly recommend it! I can highly recomment Arja as she transmits her teachings in such applicable ways!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner for this course?

No, you, don’t. The Temptress training is fully focussed on you. The essence of this work is your own sexual embodiment which you can then bring to any man when ready. The entire curriculum of the Temptress is focussed on you and your sexual empowerment.

I am already enjoying my sex life, will this course still be of value to me?

For sure! Before I started with any type of sexual Tantra I also considered my sex-life to be pretty good, and then I discovered a whole new layer of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole other side of my sexuality I didn't even know I had! So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper, and when you awaken the initiatress inside of you, she will absolutely take you there!

When does the retreat start?

The retreat dates are Nov 28 - Dec 03 2023.

Will I learn more about Tantra in this course?

Absolutely! This course is diving into advanced tantric practices I never taught before. 

What is your refund policy?

In case you can't make it to the retreat after sign-up there will be a $500 non-refundable deposit. For the remaining amount, you can transfer your spot to another sister or transfer your own participation to a future retreat. 

Have another question or want to see if this is the right program for you?

I'd love for you to join with a full yes! If there is any doubt if this is for you, I'd love to support you personally in making the right decision. 
Send me a message on Instagram & let's chat!
If it's not for you, no biggie, I'll might point you in another direction that suits you better!




Temptress Retreat

First 10 sign ups: SOLD-OUT 

Next Tickets 11-20: €1569 

Last Tickets 21-30: €1626

Make a EUR 500 Deposit Today & Pay the Rest Later!


  • - 6 days of precious tantrik teachings filled with sexual secrets, magical practices and feminine rituals.
  • - Live transmissions from Arja Hendrikx and her incredible team of experienced assistants to support you every step of the away!
  • - Certification after completion so you can join advanced training. 
  • - 5 delicious vegetarian lunches to feed your beautiful body.

    : pre-training of the feminine sexual archetypes. (value $222!)

Not included:
Accommodation, extra meals other than listed, travel & health insurance and transportation to the venue. 


Payment plans available upon request, email [email protected]