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The Temptress

Awaken the temptress within and take your tantric sexuality to the next level.

5-week tantra training for women.
Intermediate level, starts November 2nd.


The Temptress 5-weeks online training is for you if you desire to:

  • - Deepen your embodiment of all the feminine flavours of your sexual energy with advanced tantric practices to deepen your lovemaking.
  • - Unlock your sexuality as your source of power & learn how to master it with consciousness so you can channel it in creative ways for the most epic sex, pleasure and joy possible.
  • - Receive the secrets to elevate your feminine confidence & shine as a sexually empowered and liberated woman who feels magnetic and powerful in everything you have to offer. 

Watch the video below and find out if the temptress is for you.

Think of this training like a secret initiation that tantric apprentices received in sacred temples to become the most desired, admired and respected tantric women of the world. 

There are endless sexual experiences available to you

These are deeply rooted in tantric practices most women have never heard of.

But there is a path to get there,
and I am here to show you how

The Temptress training offers you the proven methodology and structured support so you can:

  • - Feel the deepness of your sensual energy 
  • - Liberated in your fullest sexual expressions
  • - And discover erotic parts of your sexuality you didn't even know existed!

You totally believe that the relationship with your own body & fulfilling sexual life is the core of
leading a healthy, happy, abundant life,
are you ready to take it to the next level?


I am Arja

When people first meet me nowadays, they believe I have always been super sexual and in touch with my own pleasure. 

But they couldn't be more wrong.

In fact, I used to feel very ashamed
in my own body.

I rarely felt orgasmic and I thought that feeling sore after sex was normal. When I discovered Sexual Tantra,

I found out how wrong I was!

I discovered there is a completely different approach to sex as I knew it.

Learning this new way of making love I started to be orgasmic, enjoy hours of lovemaking and learned how to express myself sexually, exactly the way I wanted

Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of men & women to radically transform their sex lives, have the intimate relationships of their dreams. and get in touch with their own sexuality so that they feel powerful both in and out of the bedroom

And now it's your turn.


Meet Amethyste.

"After doing multiple courses & training with Arja I learned so much about my sexuality, feel so much more confident in my body and now have SO many tools to connect with my own sensuality and especially with the pleasure inside of myself which completely changed my sexuality!"

You are a sexual woman & you are fired up for more. 

Like me, you came here to live a life full of magic.

You’ve probably came such a long way in allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feel deeply connected with your body.

You are a sexual woman who loves working at the edge of your personal growth and you know that working with your sexuality provides A LOT of opportunity for that!

You want to feel worthy of the best love and sex imaginable and experience the depth of it ALL THE WAY.

You long to be taken to other dimensions through tantric sex and you’ve had some beautiful sexual experiences, but…

The thing is, sex still goes into a routine 

You know there is more to be explored when it comes to sex. You are ready to go deeper but you haven't received the guidence to take it to the next level.

You’d like to overcome the lack of confidence and be more aligned with yourself, going beyond any superficiality and leaving behind any remaining taboo.


What if you could be as sensual as a sacred slut AND as mystical as a woman that can seduce a man without revealing an inch of flesh?

Introducing: The Temptress

A woman with tremendous charm, desirability and beauty.
She lures her man into the depths of intimacy.

Not for the faint of heart, she enchants only those who are ready to give up their conventional ideas of ordinary sex into complete ecstasy.

She breaks all boundaries of conditioning.
She is wild & free, in her own authentic, raw radiance.

She is far beyond the standard image of beauty
and what is considered "sexy" in our modern world.

The Temptress is the overarching Archetype,
showing women who they could become if they give up on society's ideas
of what a woman should be like.

In Tantra, every woman can learn to become a Temptress.

I am not talking about trying some new positions.

I am not talking about bringing in diversity with toys.

am not talking about what you see on adult channels.

I am not talking about adding a little spice to it.

I am not talking about going into kink or weird fetish...

What I am talking about is becoming the Temptress itself. 

In the Temptress 5-week tantric initiation
into your most magical, sensual & sacred feminine side you will

Awaken your feminine sexual power
and confidence.

Discover the tools to unlock all types of lovemaking, from slow and intimate, to wild and animalistic, from passionate and fiery and to sensual and romantic, for an effortless embodiment of your sensual nature and total freedom in your sexual expression

Connect deeply to the devotional woman in you.

Learn the devotional and feminine tantric practices and rituals to open your spiritual heart and deepen the connection with yourself as a woman and your ability to surrender, with profound trust in your own inner guidance and power within

Expand your capacity for pleasure and joy in everyday life.

Liberate your "yes" to all your desires, known and unknown, deeply yearned for or spontaneously developed, with an unshakeable sense of safety and comfort in your sexually that you'll feel unconditionally accepted by the entire universe


Meet Patricia.

Before I started this training I felt a bit shy, even tho I feel very confident in my body. All the amazing tools, practices and rituals I received really helped me to deepen in my sexuality. 

Here is exactly how
you are going to get there:

This training will serve as a container to play in, learn in, make mistakes, get messy & feel things you didn't know you were capable of feeling.

Each week, you’ll work with 1 of the 4 sexual feminine archetypes:
the wild lover; the sensual lover; the passionate lover; and the intimate lover.

You’ll learn the profound tantric practices that come with each archetype to deepen your embodiment and radiance as a tantric woman.

Most of these practices are secretive - I have practiced them for years,
but never taught them before.

By the end of this training you'll feel vital and proud of yourself being one of the few tantric women who knows how to master & channel her sexual energy in profound & powerful ways. 

You will learn

Sexual Archetypes
How to tap into sexual archetypical experiences. You'll learn what it takes to let your sexual impulses take over so you can embody all physical & energetic signatures of tantric sexuality.  

Sacred Geography of Your Body and how to use your feminine power to access deeper layers of your psyche so you can embody your femininity in a mature, erotic and deeply respected way.

Powerful Tantric Practices
such as: energy transmissions, in depth transfiguration practices, embodied transmissions, yantra, mantra & mudra practices
PLUS traditional tantric rituals. 

Sexuality of The Chakras.
The chakra system is the back-bone of Tantra & by the end of this training you'll understand the deep wisdom it holds & how to use it for sexual practices.

Archetype Embodiment

Deeply understand & embody the level of consciousness of each Archetype through powerful tantric practices, each week you'll get practices to fully embody 1 archetype so you become the living goddess of it. 

Master & Amplify Sexual Energy

Learn how to amplify energy and transmit this from within. External expression is one thing, but the internal mastery of your eroticism is another. You'll learn how to do this for each sexual Archetype so your sexual power expands beyond measure!

Self-Source and Channel
How to self-source and channel your sexual energy in the way you desire, even in public. You’ll have a fun secret weapon for your own power & creativity that you can transmit in a mature way.

Merge Sexuality & Spirituality 
Let the sacredness of your own sensuality bring you back home to your heart. It is the sacredness of these practices that ultimately deepens your life, opens your heart and expands your consciousness.

Meet Laura

I am quite picky when choosing a course but this one felt so right. I could feel the transmission and activations of all the initiations deeply in my body.
I now understand different parts of my sexuality and have so much acceptance of myself as a sexual woman. I highly recommend this course as Arja doesn't only know a lot of wisdom she also embodies it deeply. 

Here is exactly what you're going to get:

When you become a Temptress
you will receive:

Premium Package- The complete curriculum 

In this 5-week intensive tantric Temptress training, you’ll discover in-depth Tantra Philosophy and learn how this ancient wisdom applies to our modern lives so that you can immediately start living a more mindful, abundant, spiritual and happy life both in and out of the bedroom.

You’ll also receive extensive teachings on the Feminine Sexual Archetypes to discover exactly how to awaken each energy from within to awaken all the flavours of your feminine sexuality.

Dates & Time
Live calls happen every Wednesday at 8:30 PM Bali time, in November(5x).
That is morning for US/Latin, Afternoon for Europe & Evening for Asia/Australia
Training starts on November 2nd. 
Replay available if you can't join the live sessions.

Here is everything you get today:

  • 5 x 2-hour Temptress Group Training Calls: 
    Get direct transmissions and permission to let your full sexuality shine.

  • Weekly Training Materials:

    Step-by-step exercises, instructions & inspiration to advanced on the tantric path as an empowered sexual woman.

  • Weekly Tools and Practices:

    Practical tools and daily practices to support you as you integrate this training into your everyday life.

  • Recorded Meditations and Guided Audio Practices:

    Drop in your body and deepen your tantric practice any time you wish and enjoy these long after the program has finished!

  • Bonus Videos:

    Deepen your wisdom as a tantric woman with pre-recorded videos to dive into any time your heart desires.

  • + Plus +

    • Ongoing support from a powerful group of women in our private community group. 

      Having extra support outside the training calls makes all the difference and sets you up for succes. Any moment you doubt, fall back into old-pattens or insecurities come up, you'll have the support of a dedicated a group of women determined to rise together. This support is priceless and you won't feel that you are alone in your challenges, or that there is something wrong with you. You will be held by the power of the feminine and can reach out at any moment in need. 

    • Weekly 1-1 exercise & practice with your power sister of the group. 

      This is one of the most powerful aspects of the training where you put everything you learn in to process and practice. Each week you'll be matched with another woman in the training to drop deep into embodiment. You'll support each other to move though sexual shame, body insecurities, shyness, and also get into those juicy sexy secret sex talks that nobody talks and shares about. You'll look forward to these magical meetings each week! 

    • Partner exercises for your (future) partner.

      You"ll also get practices, exercises and techniques to practice with a partner. Wether you are in a relationship right now or prepare for a future partnership, these exercises will work anytime, anywhere. With these tools in your pocket you will know how to juicy things up or slow them down in bed, exactly as you like it!

    • One-on-One interview with Arja at the end of the training to integrate your entire journey. 

      At the end of this training, your new journey into your sexual freedom will begin. To close this initiation you'll have the opportunity to talk about your journey, your transformation, the challenges you overcame and what it feels like to step into a new version of yourself who feels powerful, confident and connected to her sexuality.  After this 1:1 call you will feel ready to shine. 

    + Plus Bonusses +

    Bonus 1

    Value: $222

    3-Day Training on the Feminine Sexual Archetypes

    This training is the perfect preparation for our deep dive into the feminine sexual archetypes to set yourself for your success and get the best possible results from this training!

    Bonus 2

    Value: $150

    Strong Boundaries with feminine softness.

    A Temptress is so confident in her secret power, that a man wouldn't dare to take a chance of crossing her boundaries or disrespecting her. He actually wants more of her. In this masterclass you'll know how to set your boundaries without closing off your softness. 

    Bonus 3

    Value: $180

    Pleasure Portal

    One thing is increasing your confidence and sexual toolkit, another one is about increasing your pleasure to enjoy more in the bedroom. That is what this bonus is for. Enjoy a powerful workshop from the pleasure summit in the comfort of your own home. 

    And receive your Temptress certificate

    When you successfully complete this training you'll receive your graduation certificate!


    Transformational interviews from women who did training with Arja:

    "Training with Arja was life-changing for me. I feel so deeply connected with myself as a sexual woman"

    "This was such an important investment, I realised how much I missed out on the connection with myself as a sexual woman"

    "The training with Arja was the greatest gift to myself. I am so happy I did this and decided for myself I was worth it." 

    Here is everything you get when you sign up today:

    Premium Package- All Included

  • The Temptress Training: Complete 5-week Curriculum - including 5 x 2-hour Temptress Group Training Call, Weekly Training Materials, Weekly Tools and Practices and Recorded Meditations and Guided Audio Practices 

    Value: $1800

  • Weekly 1-1 Power Sister Practice

    Value: $500

  • Couple Exercises for Your (Future) Partner

    Value $250

  • Bonus Videos to dive deeper anytime you wish

    Value $500

  • Private Community Group Support

    Value: $priceless

  • BONUS 1: 3 Day Training on the Feminine Sexual Archetypes

    Value: $222

  • BONUS 2: Strong boundaries with feminine softness

    Value: $150

  • BONUS 3: Pleasure Portal 

    Value: $180

  • 1-1 Interview with Arja

    Value: $500

  • + Plus your Temptress Certificate

  • When you sign up today you get all of this for:

    Pay in full



    Payment plan:

    Pay 3 x $439


    The Temptress Training Starts Soon!









    Testimonials from women who worked with Arja before you


    “My biggest challenges to sign up was to make time & overcome the financial aspect, but I feel I have been rewarded so much! I had the deep desire to connect with myself and unravel the sexual energy inside of me and this program really helped me do that. The results are already coming in! I feel so much more connected to my creativity, my sexual energy and with my femininity”


    "I started Arja's training with the deep desire to connect to myself. I have done a lot of personal work but sexuality always seemed to be such a big step. This training changed everything! I feel connected to my own sexuality, I feel pleasure in my body, I am able to relax, let go and enjoy sex again and mostly the intimate connection with myself."


    "The training I did with Arja was very deep & amazing and it is about so much more than being sexy. For me this was an inner journey in my own relationship to sexuality inside of my body in a deep and mysterious way. I now have so many valuable tools and it was so crucial for me to receive Arja's transmission and learn from someone who really lives it."


    "Before training with Arja I felt afraid to be rejected, felt ashamed with myself and didnt have the confidence I wanted to. This training was life changing for me, I made so much progress and opened up so much that I found a part of me back that I surpressed. I have so many tools to continue to learn and higly recommend anyone to join, Arja is an amazing teacher and her work is incredible." 


    “Training with Arja was truly a transformation for me. I joined because I wanted to go deeper in my sexuality. I knew there was a way to do it but I didn’t know-how. I knew Arja was the right person to go to. The training went very deep and I removed the shame and guilt that I had around my sexuality and how I held myself back. The lovemaking with my partner became heart-centred and I truly feel I embody the sacred teachings”


    “I felt a bit lost with the connection to my own feminine being. I found myself comparing to other women and being a lot in my head when it comes to sexuality. Even tho I felt content with sex l knew there was more for me to experience. Now I got the tools to feel empowered in bed. This really boosted my self-esteem to feel sexy and free and confident in the bedroom.”

    Sign-up as a VIP Temptress
    Only 3 spots for Couples

    The Temptress program is fully focussed on you, and a women only group.
    The VIP is for you & your partner to get extra benefit, 1 on 1, with me.
    This is for you if you like to maximise the results & get your relationship to benefit too!

    Receive the Entire Temptress Training Plus:

    1-1 sessions for couples
    with Arja

  • 2x private 1-1 couple sessions. Both sessions are fully focussed on your relationship. You'll receive juicy, sexy, intimate & practical tools based on your personal needs, to take your intimacy as a couple to the next level.

    Value: $2000

  • WhatsApp Support
    for Couples

  • As you integrate the Temptress in your relationship, questions come up, from him and you. With weekly WA support you'll receive full support & I am just one message away to get that personal advise for both of you. Plus, expect sexy couples homework!

    Value $500

  • Extra Bonuses
    for Couples

  • You'll also receive free access to the following courses that you can watch together for romantic date nights in the comfort of your own home. You'll receive my Ritual for Couples Value: $150 & Tantric Massage Skills Course: value $650

    Value: $800

  • Yes Arja, this sounds amazing!



    These women share their results after working with Arja

    Patricia  Lidner

    “The training I did with Arja was a mile-stone for me, it completely changed the way my body feels and I can now really soften parts of myself so that I can show up with confidence in both my personal life and business in a way it feels so much more complete. There is a flow inside and outside of my body. Money flow is improved and I am more in touch with what my body needs and wants so my inside and outside changed a lot. I can highly recommend this training to integrate and connect with all parts of yourself no matter your age, background, culture or beliefs, this was life-changing for me.”

    Selina Smith

    "I had challenges connecting to my body and being very much in my mind. I wanted to get more confidence in bed and deepen sensations in my body. Now I feel multi-orgasmic, very confident in the bedroom and I LOVE my body. Thanks to the 1-1 sessions with Arja I got such a customised approach that helped me to drop deeper into my femininity and get customised advice for me and my partner. The results affected all areas of life. I am making more money than I ever made, I feel more confident and feminine than I ever did and I feel like this powerful embodied sexual woman in every room I walk into!"

    Elaina Ray 

    "I used to be so focused on career and making money that I didn't prioritise sex at all. I rather worked than being intimate. I was very much in my head and not connected to my body or my femininity being so much in my masculine work-mode. After working 1-1 with Arja I moved from non-orgasmic to orgasmic and now have a new business idea with every orgasm! This is deep work and I highly recommend investing in this for your lifelong benefit. I'm having the best intimate experiences of my LIFE and it fuels everything else: my business, focus, income, clarity and fulfillment in my relationship."

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a partner for this course?

    No, you, don’t. The Temptress training is fully focussed on you. The essence of this work is your own sexual embodiment which you can then bring to any man when ready. I have a separate VIP option for couples but that is an upgrade from the temptress training. The entire curriculum of the Temptress is focussed on you and your sexual empowerment.

    I am already enjoying my sex life, will this course still be of value to me?

    For sure! Before I started with any type of sexual Tantra I also considered my sex-life to be pretty good, and then I discovered a whole new layer of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole other side of my sexuality I didn't even know I had! So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper, and when you awaken the initiatress inside of you, she will absolutely take you there!

    When does the training start?

    Wednesday November 2nd.

    When are the live training sessions?

    All 5 training calls happen every Wednesday in November.

    2 - 9 - 16 - 23 - 30 november

    Time: Morning for the US/Latin America, Afternoon for Europe and Evening for Asia.

    Are replay's available if I can't join live?

    Yes, they will be online within 24-48H.

    Will I learn more about Tantra in this course?

    Absolutely! This course is diving into advanced tantric practices I never taught before. 

    What is the time commitment?

    Minimum is 15minutes a day plus the 2Hour live call each week to get results

    What is your refund policy?

    I truly wish that you enjoy this training and the structure I created for you, however if it turns out not to be the right fit for you I honour cancellation request that are submitted before the 2nd live meeting. There will be a small refund charge. Request after the second meeting may not be eligible for a refund.

    When you sign up today you get all of this for:

    Pay in full



    Payment plan

    3 x $439 


    VIP Package



    Temptress starts soon!









    Have another question or want to see if this is the right program for you?

    I'd love for you to join with a full yes! If there is any doubt if this is for you, I'd love to support you personally in making the right decision. 
    Send me a message on Instagram & let's chat!
    If it's not for you, no biggie, I'll might point you in another direction that suits you better!


    Yes, Arja! I am in!

    Pay in full



    Payment plan

    3 x $439 


    VIP Package



    We begin November 2nd