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Electric Kissing

“I caught the happy virus last night,
When I was out beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious,
- So kiss me.”


Hi Beauty!

Welcome to the electric kissing practice!
This mini-course consist of 3 short videos to give you all the ins & outs when it comes to kissing, the tantric way!

Video 1:
In the first video I explain why electric kissing is so intimate, beautiful and amazing and you'll get the exact instructions how to do it. 

Video 2:
This is a guided practice that you can just turn on and follow along!
Or if you want to get the beautiful transmission from this experiences tantric couple,
I highly recommend watching it just for fun!

Video 3:
This is the behind the scenes of this mini-course where you can hear what this exercise did for them!
Diving deeper into Tantra is all about transmission so highly recommend to watch this too ;)

Have fun!
Love, Arja

Video 1: Discover the secrets of electric kissing and receive the exact steps on how to do this!

Video 2: This video is a guided follow along practice for electric kissing,
just press play and enter higher states with your beloved!

Video 3: Behind the scenes!
We had SO much FUN recording this and the couple had incredible results,
Watch this to hear what is possible for you too :)