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3 Keys to Supercharge your Lovemaking

Discover HOW to go DEEPER in the bedroom. 

Get my top #3 tips from my 12+ years of study, practice & expertise in tantra to experience more connection, pleasure & profound sacredness in your most intimate moments.  

For singles and couples.

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Learn 3 keys to
Supercharge your Lovemaking

Stop Pleasing: Claim Love Making for Yourself

Do you find yourself pleasing in the bedroom? And worry about things like "am I doing it right?" or "are they liking it?"

In the first key you'll learn how to shift your focus from pleasing your partner to prioritising your own pleasure - without loosing the intimacy in the moment.

Become a Master of Your Sexual Energy

You can learn to move energy in your body like the mystics. This key will take your pleasure beyond the physical & tap into the powerful energetic dimensions of intimacy. Curious what it takes to master the most powerful energy in the Universe? I'll reveal it here.

Infuse Spirituality in your Intimate Moments

This is the KEY to really up-level your lovemaking. You'll learn what it takes to go from have -hmm this is delicious to; OMG that was absolutely MINDBLOWING type of lovemaking where you are left with tears in your eyes and your hands in prayer pose in deep gratitude for God. 

This exclusive keynote is designed as a roadmap for every person ready to know what MORE is possible in your body & the bedroom. 

45Min Keynote

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I'll share my most vulnerable moments in this keynote with you..

I wouldn't be where I am today without all the challenges I had to overcome to embrace my sexuality as something that is deeply powerful, beautiful & sacred

In this keynote you'll hear me share about my most personal moments - yes all those intimate details that most leaders don't share about
- so YOU know what to do & what not;
 to up-level your lovemaking.  

When I discovered Sexual Tantra, I found out how much MORE there is to lovemaking & I discovered a completely different approach to sex as I knew it. 

Learning this new way of making love I started to be orgasmic, enjoy hours of lovemaking & learned how to express myself sexually without holding back. 

Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of men & women to radically transform their sex-lives, have the intimate relationships of their dreams. and get in touch with their own sexuality so that they feel powerful both in & out of the bedroom.

And now it's your turn.

Imagine having the secrets to master, move, charge and channel your sexual energy instead of shaming your desires away because it feels not "how it has to be".

Imagine what would change for you (and your partner) if you focus on truly feeling and charging each other during lovemaking, instead of pleasing & pleasuring.

How does that feel inside of you?

Let me guide you to more sacredness within your bedsheets and Big Os within your prayers.

I want that Arja!

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Get my top 3 keys to feel more confident in the bedroom. Get practical tips HOW to do it differently & uncover the deeper secrets of the sacred in lovemaking.

45 Min Keynote 

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