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🙌 The Temptress Retreat 🙌 
Join me in Bali in 2025

Supercharge your Lovemaking

Courses, retreats, Events & Tantra Training,
to experience the deeper & mystical aspects of lovemaking. 





You find it important to do your own inner work, but your sexuality is that one part of your life that didn't get the attention it deserves.

You find it important to do your own inner work, but your sexuality is that one part of your life that didn't get the attention it deserves.

You'd like to feel more open in your sexuality and feel a deeper connection to yourself as a woman,


Hi, I am Arja!
It's my job to show you how to drop deep
into your feminine body, feel
empowered in your sexuality and
feel free to express yourself so that
you feel like a sexually empowered
and awakened woman!

Your task is not to seek love,
But, merely to seek and find all the
barriers within yourself that you have
built against it.

~ Rumi

Make love in a way that feels deeply enjoyable intimate & even sacred.
Let's get you turned on!

What is your sexual archetype?

Your Sexual Archetype is your key to discover your sexual potential and start unlocking that feminine. sexy, part of yourself who feels empowered & confident to express herself fully both in and outside of the bedroom. Curious what's your sexual archetype? 


Online Training

The Temptress is now open for  enrollment! Deepen your tantric sexuality and connect and take your embodiment to the next level. This training is for you if you are ready to up-level your sex life and feel like a confident and empowered woman both in and out of the bedroom. 


Join the Tribe

Seeking a tribe of powerful women to rise & shine together?

The tantric women community is your new place to get deeply inspired, encouraged and supported. And yes, it's free!


UPCOMING: November 28 - December 3. 2023

The Temptress Retreat, Bali 

This retreat is a like a secret initiation that tantric apprentices received to become the most empowered, respected & admired women of the world. 


6-day Tantra Retreat for Women in Bali

"One woman who is connected
to her sexual energy is
more powerful than millions who are not"

UPCOMING: February 1 - 7, 2024 - Goa, India

The Initiatress Retreat

For the experienced woman who wants to take her lovemaking to the next level and know how to initiate a man more deeply into the secret realms of tantrik sexuality. 


7 day Tantra Retreat for women, India


I experience heart-centred lovemaking

and more sensations than ever before!

I felt that I wanted to go deeper in the bedroom with my partner and I knew there was a way to do this but I didn't know HOW. I thought that was fine in my sexuality but I discovered how much I held myself back with shame and guilt in the bedroom and I removed deep limitations so that,I,could go into deeper intimacy with my partner. Now I feel a deeper connection when making love. literally have more sensations in my Yoni than ever before and I have the confidence to initiate lovemaking, knowing that I embody these sacred teachings.

I fell in love with my body. I feel sexy

and beautiful and unique again!

I felt a bit lost with the connection to my own feminine being. I found myself comparing to other women and being a lot in my head when it comes to sexuality. Even tho I felt content with sex l knew there was more for me to experience. felt insecure when it comes to setting boundaries. was a lot in my head during lovemaking and worrying if I was taking too long or how my body looked in certain positions. Now I got the tools to feel empowered in bed. I have the confidence to put my boundaries, to slow down, to love myself, and to feel what I really want instead of thinking too much about it. Yes! Working with Arja really boosted my self-esteem to feel sexy and free and confident in the bedroom.

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