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"You are a true living master, Arja"."

Testimonials from power women and conscious couples now shining in their sexuality.

Testimonials from my online offerings: 

We already had good sex & this made it even better

Thanks to Arja's course my partner & I got so much more tools in the bedroom, we feel so much more comfortable in the bedroom which opened us up to more pleasure & connection. Right after we took Arja's course we had the best sex ever & every love-making has gone deeper since. I am now able to express a really deep aspect of my sexuality that I was too shy to do before. 

Online Testimonials from power women now shining in their sexuality.











Each person's experience is unique, but together, they illuminate the power of conscious connection.

Discover the powerful stories of growth and transformation shared by women & couples I've had the privilege to work with as a sexuality and tantra teacher.

These testimonials reflect the profound impact conscious sexuality and tantra can have on relationships, personal growth, and overall well-being.

Each heartfelt account represents a unique journey towards deeper intimacy, self-discovery, and authentic expression.

I am deeply grateful to these amazing humans allowing me to guide them on their transformative paths.

Yes, Arja, I want to be part of this!

Testimonials from in person events, workshops & retreats.

Completely changed my sexuality!

"After doing multiple online courses & online trainings with Arja I learned so much about my sexuality, feel so much more confident in my body and now have SO many tools to connect with my own sensuality and especially with the pleasure inside of myself which completely changed my sexuality!"

Testimonials from power women now shining in their sexuality.


“This training was a mile-stone for me, it completely changed the way my body feels and I can now really soften parts of myself so that I can show up with confidence in both my personal life and business in a way it feels so much more complete. There is a flow inside and outside of my body. Money flow is improved and I am more in touch with what my body needs and wants so my inside and outside changed a lot. I can highly recommend this training to integrate and connect with all parts of yourself no matter your age, background, culture or beliefs, this was life-changing for me.”


"I started this training with the deep desire to connect to myself. I have done a lot of personal work but sexuality always seemed to be such a big step and I didn't really feel a desire for sex. This training changed everything! I feel connected to my own sexuality, I feel pleasure in my body, I am able to relax, let go and enjoy sex again and mostly the intimate connection with myself."


"This is a very deep and amazing training which is about so much more than being sexy. For me this was an inner journey in my own relationship to sexuality inside of my body in a deep and mysterious way. I now have so many valuable tools and it was so crucial for me to receive Arja's transmission and learn from someone who really lives it."


"Before the training I felt afraid to be rejected, felt ashamed with myself and didnt have the confidence I wanted to. This training was life changing for me, I made so much progress and opened up so much that I found a part of me back that I surpressed. I have so many tools to continue to learn and higly recommend anyone to join, Arja is an amazing teacher and her work is incredible." 


“This was truly a transformation for me. I joined because I wanted to go deeper in bed with my partner. I knew there was a way to do it but I didn’t know-how. I knew Arja was the right person to go to. The training went very deep and I removed the shame and guilt that I had around my sexuality and how I held myself back. The lovemaking with my partner became heart-centred and I truly feel I embody the initiatress, I recommend this training to any woman.”


“I felt a bit lost with the connection to my own feminine being. I found myself comparing to other women and being a lot in my head when it comes to sexuality. Even tho I felt content with sex l knew there was more for me to experience. I was worrying if I was taking too long or how my body looked in certain positions. Now I got the tools to feel empowered in bed. I have the confidence to put my boundaries, to slow down, to love myself, and to feel what I really want instead of thinking too much about it. This really boosted my self-esteem to feel sexy and free and confident in the bedroom.”

Raising our level of sexual consciousness.

If you're seeking inspiration, these testimonials offer insight into the possibilities that await when we embrace our sexuality and explore the realms of tantra


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